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Preparation's training to the amateur radio examination

Since many years, the RAV organize the technical instructions for amateurs wishing to take the examination necessary to obtain the licence in radiocommunications for amateurs.
Every interested person can take this examination. The technical cours utilize the book of an amateur of standing:"Le Radio-Amateur, préparation à l'examen technique, manuel de référence" as support.
Made by HB9CEM Olivier Pilloud. This book is only in french. This autor has created a book intended for beginners without any technical formation, as much as for persons wishing to improve their knowledge in radio. This book is available at the USKA, and also at the PAYOT bookstores.

Please visit the site of the author for more information. This is realy good, from a member of our club who is involved in teaching of new amateurs :

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It is necessary to master the Morse Code if you wish to obtain the licence "A" to work on frequencies below 30 MHz. The requested speed is 60 signs/minute for 3 minutes. Nowadays, Morse code is not employed as much as it used to be. But radio amateurs appreciate it and practice the "key" every day by the thousands around the world. Learning Morse code is not very difficult, but it ask for perseverance. Teaching can be done with exercices on tapes, or on P.C. programmes, wich offer many possibilities and can be adapted to every one progresses. The RAV organize also Morse code teaching. The programme "CWProf" has been selected for the lessons. This programme is a generator of Morse code, according to a text that the instructor can adapt, but also a teaching methode whith a logical following of lessons. Every student can make progress at his own rythm and master the alphabet, ciphers and punctuation. The instructor intervene chiefly for the key practice with help and counsel. Our cours are followed by about 10 future HAM, the succes at the examination is really satisfying.

Program "CWprof" by Christian HB9DBC : Download here

Web page of "CWprof"

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For those who want to increase their skill in morse code, here is an exceptionnal program, made by HB9DB


Radio direction finding (Hidden transmitter hunting).

"Fox hunting" is, among other, an activity of the RAV. It must be well understood that there is no question to hunt this beautiful animal. Because we "hunt" small transmitters dispersed in the nature. With a special receiver, the contester must find the transmitter. The duration and the number of transmitters that a contester find allow us the classification of the lucky one. It is also an opportunity for the amateur to practice his hobby in open air with his family. The technical side is usualy followed by a pic-nic appreciated by everybody. Generally, there are no direction finding contest in winter. Consult our agenda in the "Sked" publication to find out when and where to join us, or go to our calendar. All of you are cordially invited and it is a really good opportunity to make friends.

Remark : There is no "Fox hunting" during winter time.



Participation to contests is also an activity of the radio amateurs. There are a lot of contest: every country, every national club, every section's club has the possibility of organizing contests. Generally speaking, it must be contacted (QSO) the greatest number of Radio amateurs stations during a certain time. This allow the amateur to make friendly contacts with other Radio amateurs of differents countries around the world. Contest are made on short wawes (HF), and also on other frequency bands: VHF, UHF, SHF. This can last between 4 and 24 hours. In this last case, traffic is made by several operators, in télégraphy (CW) pr in phone operation (FM or SSB). The RAV participate regulary at these contests. the last one being "Helvetia 26 contest" in april and the goal was to contact at least one Ham in every 26 cantons of Switzerland.


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