Contest H26

Equipement Operators Results


The Helvetia constest is organised by the swiss and foreign amateurs. The participants in Switzerland will make contacts with swiss and foreign stations. The abroad participants will try to contact swiss stations.The contacts are made in telephonie and telegraphy. A control goup is exchanged during every contacts, containing the report (RS or RST) and the number of the contact, followed, for swiss station, with the abreviation of the state (canton), composed of 2 letters. Example : 58018/VD or 599019/BL.

During April 2000  have RAV taken part in the HF version of this contest (short wave).
The station HB9MM was installed in Froideville, village located 15 km north of Lausanne. This place was chosen for its very good situation, at the altitude of 840 m, and perfectly cleared of any obstacle on 360°.


Equipement HB9MM
Transceiver IC 738
Amplificateur KENKOOD TL 922
Antennas 10/15/20 KT 34 XA
" 40 4 SQARE
" 40/80/160 Dipôle


HB9AFI Kurt. CW HB9AYX Bernard. SSB
HB9DBC Christian. CW HB9CGL Claude-Alain. CW
HB9IIY Edouard. CW HB9IIB Pascal. CW
HB9IJC Jacky. CW .

Have taken part in assembling, deassembling , log, ...

HB9TIL HB3MAS Stéphane HB9IJI Emanuel
  HB9IIG Maurice  

Band 10 15 20 40 80 160 Total
QSO 45 298 344 244 129 55 1115
Multi 28 52 69 61 47 37 294
TOTAL 569478 points

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