The section counts around members. Some of them have an email address and are listed bellow. Others have also packet addresses (internet radio) or don't want to be listed. For any modification or if you want to show up here write to the webmaster.

If you want to join us, really easy, fill in the following pdf document : Become a member to our address. You become a member after we receive your first payement of 60,-- (yearly) (You can send a proof of your payement to our CCP 10-13396-0 to speed up the process) and acceptation by our comitee (once every 2 months). You can read the statutes of our club here before sending your subscription.

Warning : To prevent automatic commercial products from scanning the internet looking for private email address to send advertisement to (spamming), the email addresses are not linked, and require a copy-paste operation to your favorite email program, REMOVING ANY SPACES AFTER AND BEFORE THE "@". Thanks for your comprehension! We are trying to protect your privacy and keep the internet clean.

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